All Hail The King!

The Marvel One Shot: All Hail The King was supposed to be a feature of the Thor: The Dark Word Blu-Ray due out on February 25th, it has already made its way to the internets courtesy of…  I’ve no clue.  I’m just glad it’s made its way to us.  Frankly, while I thought Dark World was a decent movie, I think adding this as a feature was lame.  I tend to think most features are lame actually and just tossed in to whet the appetites of the fanatics and tease the passive.

Anywho… For the two of you that have no clue, All Hail The King is a short about an interview with the Marvel Universe’s favorite terrorist The Mandarin or more accurately the actor that played The Mandarin, Trevor Slattery played with wild self-absorption by Sir Ben Kingsley.  It takes place at Seagate Prison on the last day of an interview Trev gives to journalist Jackson Norris who is attempting to get at the heart of what makes a man, an actor, take on the roll of a terrorist.  Did he know?  Did he care?

This is of course part of the greater Marvel/Disney (MarDis?) franchise and is presumably part of the bridge to the upcoming Netflix series based on four Marvel characters, one of whom is an inmate at Seagate Prison as well.  Marvel and Disney are really taking an interesting track in cross promotion and the outcome is, hopefully, the stuff we’ve all been waiting for – decent superhero shows on the TV.

So, without anymore pointless words and no spoilers we give you All Hail The King.  Enjoy it before The Mouse sues us.